The Benlemi family's workshop creates relaxing armchairs, solid beds, bedding and children's room equipment. Montessori furniture does not stand against a wall like a soldier, but is a child's playmate. The bed thus becomes a castle, and the closet becomes a garage for cars. We come up with smart solutions so that the furniture is easy to assemble and always has multiple functions at once.

Interview: Leny Vítková

It is important to have an idea, but more important is its feasibility
Designer Leny Vítková about designing furniture for Benlemi
Playful and design furniture Benlemi is created by a combination of cutting-edge technology and honest handwork. Designer Leny Vítková will tell us the story of the origin of children's toys Benlemi that are created according to the principles of Montessori learning.
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Natural materials, sustainability and smart solutions are the main characteristics of Benlemi. There are two brothers behind the company - Michal Pomp and Petr Pomp. Together, they are beginning to form a family tradition in the production of unique furniture not only for children's rooms.

How long have you been cooperating with the company, and how did your cooperation come about? 

I have been a member of the Benlemi family for three years. First, I created company visuals and product photos. Now, as a creative, I am involved in product development, from the first sketch to its launch.

What are the first ideas that accompany you at the beginning of designing a Benlemi product?

When designing children's furniture, it is important to look at each product from three perspectives. From the perspective of the child, of the parents and of safety. The furniture should entertain the child, help the parents and at the same time meet all safety criteria.

Could you describe the creative process of creating one product?

It is important to have an idea, but even more important is its feasibility. The development of each product is a cycle of sketching, modeling, prototyping and testing. When designing, it is necessary to think about what furniture will bring to the child or what new will teach him.

Are there any limitations compared to adult furniture?

Yes. For example, children's toys must meet strict safety certificates. Product development for children can take much longer than for adults. One of the steps in our product development is the study of standards. We have been counting on security from the very beginning and are actively cooperating with certification centers.

To design furniture for children, it is necessary to be able to fit into their skin. How are you managing that?

I am still a child in my soul, so I can look at the world through their eyes. Even though I am almost thirty, I am the first to enthusiastically test new prototypes of children's climbing frames and toys. Beside me, the new products are also being tested by the children themselves. From the prototypes, we always create a playroom in our studio and watch how the children react to them.

What or who is the source of inspiration for you when you design?

I don't think I have a specific trigger. I meet friends, illustrate, meditate or go for long walks alone. You just need to clear your head so that new ideas can come to it.

If you were a child again, what would be your favorite piece from Benlemi?

Definitely our ROKIT balance swing. I swing on it in our office and as a child I would be excited about the rainbow colors in which we paint the swing.

What are the current projects you are working on?

We are currently completing a number of storage spaces for the children's room. At the same time, we set out on a completely new path and work with a combination of solid hardwood and metal.


Photo: Vanda Sklářová

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